Fox Rage Terminator Shad Jigger Casting 240 – Fast

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castingrute fox rage terminator shad jigger casting – a very special series of rods designed solely for modern lures! the tock‘ off the bite is probably more present in the shad jigger‘ than any other jig rod. the shad jigger‘ is available in two new versions: sensitive‘ for light weights in calm waters and rapid‘ for heavy jig heads in moving water. a complete series of rods which, thanks to its special blank construction, produces well signaled takes and transforms them into hooked fish. the shaking of the fish during the fight is cushioned in a quite unique way. these are special rods perfectly designed for jigging with shads in weights from 7 to 60 grams. the incredibly lightweight and super fast im9 carbon blank is carefully balanced and sits comfortably in the hand of the angler.