Fin-Nor Variado Big Game-rute Standart One Size

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Gewicht 375 g
Länge 2,10 m

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Very light and thin rod specially developed for light trolling with
livebaits in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Held in the anglers
hand, the light and progressive action of the blank allows excellent
contact with the bait. Despite the thin blank, the Variado has enough
power in reserve to handle a variety of predators with ease. The perfect
rod to complement a Fin-Nor Marquesa multiplier. Removable handle for
ease of transport.
Weight (g): 375
Length (cm): 210
Sections: 1+1
Transport length (cm): 146
Power (lbs): 6-12
Teile 2
Gewicht 375 g
Länge 2,10 m